Sacred sex is about having the opportunity to learn and explore how to have longer lasting and more pleasurable sex. These session are practical however they go well beyond just the physical experience.

The sexual challenges my clients face, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are extremely common among men, young or old, rich or poor. They eventually seek out our help because whilst the quick release of a rub and tug, watching porn or being with an escort only momentarily strokes their ego. However these options are often unfulfilling and do not provide a long term solution that they crave….AMAZING FULFILLING SEX.

Through experiences of teaching men over the decades, there was a pattern, a deeper desire within them. I found that what they crave in fact is more pleasurable sexual experiences, most often a deeper connection with their partner or if single a better understanding and connection to themselves. It is our passion and soul purpose to support men in overcoming their challenges.

Our approach to Sacred Sex involves teaching Tantra, Sensual Massage and Energy-Body Work rituals. These rituals have a key thing in common which is mind and body connection.

We live in an information overloaded world, with our lives dictated by technology. One of the biggest issues is that it gradually desensitises us and we start losing touch with our natural instincts. By learning how to be fully present in every moment, Tantra and Energy-Body work are powerful ways of rediscovering our sensual selves.

By exploring these new modes of pleasure, men can experience sex in a way they’ve never done before: deeply satisfying and without pressure. By working from the inside out and getting your mind and body in sync, men are able to learn how to be the best lovers they can be, for themselves and others.


  • The sessions involve some unraveling to begin with, what is going on in your mind and start working on healing and building your confidence. You have the opportunity to share any sexual concerns that are troubling you and that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with others. This is done in a completely safe and non-judgmental space. I find that this first session alone can be incredibly healing as it brings on a tremendous amount of relief as it is often the first time that men feel comfortable to talk openly about their sexual challenges.
  • The Lady of Pleasure sessions go on to involve physical touch. The physical sessions are provided to help you heal and overcome your challenges and are provided in a safe space with mutual respect.  The sessions focus on you becoming more sexually aware of yourself, the sensations you are feeling and guiding you on techniques to pleasure your partner. Rather than an experience you might have with an escort, these sessions are considered Sacred and the focus not being on gratification but rather healing. Applying the ancient techniques of Tantra and Energy Work, layered with healing is a potent combination to unlock the sexual power that lives within each us. This is why we call is Sacred Sex.
  • Myself and Raven, the gorgeous soul I work with, provide our sessions in a loving compassionate way. The training and sessions we provide are what you may have heard of as Surrogate Partner Therapy. It’s more common than you might think and it’s one the most effective ways of overcoming sexual challenges. This practice was first introduced in 1970  by Masters and Johnson in their book called ‘Human Sexual Inadequacy’ where they claimed that people could only learn about sexual intimacy by experiencing it. Physical sessions paired with communication are known to be extremely therapeutic.

If you would like to learn more about Sacred Sex and the programs that we offer, get in touch to set up a free 15 minute phone chat. All calls and sessions are 100% discreet and your details are never shared.