Do You Want a Better Sex Life?
Do you want to feel connection again?
Do you want to feel alive and happy again?
Do you want to stop having meaningless sex?
Do you want to learn how to feel more pleasure?

Im here to Help Ladies and Couples Get Back Into Their Bodies To Access their Full Potential to have Greater Sexual Experiences
Most of us only know and experience a fraction of what is our bodies full potential to having more pleasurable, fulfilling sexual experiences and better overall health and well-being.

Touch is so important… experiencing pleasure is so good for you…when we have what I like to call arousal energy running through our bodies…it releases a whole cocktail of chemicals – serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine…feel good chemicals that makes us feel alive and happy….our bodies respond and we feel amazing even our health will start to improve. You will feel much more alive and creative which spills over to all aspects of your life. Sexual energy is creative energy….access this Arousal Energy and you will have access to the highest energy.

As a Sexuality Coach, Tantric Practitioner, Body and Energy Worker I love to assist ladies and couples in having more meaningful and connecting sexual experiences. Feel awakened, aroused and better about themselves and their entire lives.

BEING rather than doing to have great connecting sex and an entirely fulfilling life.
Many couples that come to me are on the hamster wheel of life putting everything else as a priority and their relationship is suffering. Getting back to basics and learning the power of touch and communication is key to having a great sex life.


Mostly todays sex is fast moving, continuous rise of energy that ranges from no excitement at all to peak excitement at orgasm. The goal of intercourse is to achieve orgasm. It is solely focused on the genitals and the release. In my sessions there are no goals set in place as such, instead allowing you to enjoy and live in the moment. Teaching you new ways of BEING. It is heart centred, slow moving, feeling every touch and sensation. allows you to experience all the rises and falls of energy taking place over an extended period of time. It takes the pressure off performance. It allows your body to build sexual energy at a natural pace. I take you on a slow journey, using different techniques, sound, movement, energy work to move the arousal energy from your genitals and sacral all over your body, feeling heightened states of pleasure. You will feel alive and your whole body consumed with sexual energy.


It can open your sexuality to new things, things you never knew or felt before.

Your sexuality can become a powerful and positive force in your life

– You can gain new understanding of your body

– You can learn how to communicate with your partner

– Create a happier life

– Fantastic for your health

How Arousal Energy Can Benefit You?

A boost in sex drive
Reduces blocks in your body, that prevent your sex organs from accessing your life force energy.
Women: Increases your blood flow, which helps the hormones to flow better in your body. Which allows your body to feel better overall, physically and sexually.
A good flow of energy helps our physical lives as a whole, as energy is flowing to where it needs to be.

Some ways that it can help you on a physical level:

Better memory recall
Eases pain in areas of the body
Increased circulation
Increasing natural sex drive
Women: Mitigating negative symptoms of menopause
Releasing blockages near sex organs, which will help us become able to attain orgasm

Some blockage issues you maybe experiencing:

Lack of libido
Unable to perform sexually
Problems with urination
Pain in the back, specifically the lower back
Weakness in the muscles especially in the pelvic genital area of the body
Fatigue, lack of energy
Decreased or low sex drive
Pain with intercourse
Want to learn more about how to feel greater pleasure? Want to have a happier healthier more fulfilled life?

As Im an energy worker, specializing in ‘Arousal Energy’ let me help you experience out of this world full body pleasure which is the gateway to heightened experiences and for you to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. I offer hands on guidance and coaching to help you access this amazing sexual energy and transform your life.


Rebel xo