About My Authentic Tantra:

My Tantra Sessions are a minimum of three lessons. Sessions are heart centred, slow moving, feeling every touch and sensation. You will experience all the rises and falls of energy taking place over an extended period of time. It takes the pressure off performance. It allows your body to build sexual energy at a natural pace. I take you on a slow journey, using different techniques, sound, movement, energy work to move the arousal energy from your genitals and sacral all over your body, feeling heightened states of pleasure. You will feel alive and your whole body consumed with sexual energy.

Mostly todays sex is fast moving, continuous rise of energy that ranges from no excitement at all to peak excitement at orgasm. The goal of intercourse is to achieve orgasm. It is solely focused on the genitals and the release. In my sessions there are no goals set in place as such, instead allowing you to enjoy and live in the moment. Teaching you new ways of BEING.

It can do wonders for you such as:
It can open your sexuality to new things, things you never knew or felt before.
– Your sexuality can become a powerful and positive force in your life
– You can gain new understanding of your body
– You can learn how to communicate with others intimately
– Create a happier life
– Fantastic for your health
– Great for circulation

Just Some of the Things We Will Cover:
Tantric Rituals,
Breathwork and Communication
Opening up some more of the senses,
Sensual Oils with bodywork
Visualisation and embodiment
Intuitive Energetic Touch
Building Arousal Energy
Learning more about dualism of mind/body
Savouring Practices
Tantric massage and guiding sexual energy

My lessons are for you to learn more about your whole body to access more pleasure. I am the giver and you are the receiver…I will guide you to experience being fully present and feel the arousal energy in your entire body rather than discharging your powerful energy.

If you would like to experience and learn this life changing Tantra…The exchange of energy….Authentic Tantra – 3 Sessions, Lesson One – $200, Lesson Two – $300 and Lesson Three $400

If you would like to get started…Please advise DATES/TIMES that would suit you in advance and I will check my schedule.😊

Are You Ready To Experience More Pleasure?!

I look forward to being your personal coach and helping you have more fulfilling experiences

The Lady Of Pleasure - Australia