Are you indulging in all of your senses leading up to and during sex? 

When you view erotic images and videos you will notice that these are mainly focused around the “sense of touch” – including massaging, cuddling, kissing, licking, tickling, stroking and teasing in one form or another and the objective of these types of pictures and videos is to arouse the sense of sight.

Yet, touch is merely one out of our five senses, four others remain. So below are a few recommendations that you might like to include in your next intimate encounter, whether it be with your partner, a casual lover or a social companion.

indulging the 5 senses during sex

Be imaginative and feel free to add to the following ideas.


  • Converse with one another. Ask your partner how it feels as you caress, lick or kiss him or her! Body language will probably do the talking, however direct feedback is always great, especially if you are already comfortable with one and other. Don’t let your partner do all the talking, be sure that you listen to and add upon their personal contemplations regarding lovemaking. A different approach is to let each other know exactly what you feel like doing or what you intend to achieve during this intimate session.
  • Play sensual music. Choose an album or playlist that you both enjoy listening to, as the wrong music can very much spoil the mood. It’s your intimate duty to know precisely what music is right – any tune that turns both your emotions on will be great. You may considerably think about building a playlist on your mp3 player only for lovemaking purposes, adding to it as you find more great tracks!


  • Be sure to wear something seductive. Don’t just climb into bed in your old robe or full length PJs. Dress sexily for your partner. If you are a lady perhaps wear a velvety chemise, with matching panties, or if you are a guy maybe some see through underwear.
  • Be sexy. Be sure to get your partner’s attention as you plan for bed, talk about sexy things as you brush your hair and apply cream all over your body erotically and seductively. And exposing your sexiest assets for just a second or two is a sure way to get their attention.
  • Indulge in your fantasies. Talk about your wildest fantasies and then consider visiting a lingerie or sex store to possibly live out some of those desires. However, some fantasies can be even more enjoyed by just talking and thinking about them and not actually acting them out. 
  • Watch an erotic film, a romance movie or a love making instructional DVD which teaches different techniques and the best sex positions, these are sure to indulge your sense of sight as well as getting both of your minds racing.


  • Inhale. Since we release pheromones that may assume a part in our fascination with a certain sexual partner – breathe deeply and make use of them! Why not skip the scented body wash and moisturizer and don’t apply any perfume or cologne just for this one time, but instead smell your partner’s skin and hair and see where this leads you.
  • Burn scented candles or incense with the aromas of Musk, Vanilla or Sandalwood, or anything else which is pleasing to your sense of smell.


  • Try different erotic foods. Many edibles which go great with sex include oysters, exotic finger foods to chocolate dipped strawberries. You might also like to try different snacks with distinctive tastes such as foods which are salty, sweet, bitter or zesty.
  • Cook dinner with your lover. Enjoy making a delectable dinner together. Setting aside the ideal opportunity to make this possible may assist in relaxing and getting in the mood, feeding one another can be very sexy.
  • Dine out at a restaurant for lovers. Be sure to choose one which has a romantic setting including dim lights or candles as well as beautiful food.
  • Eat dessert in bed together. Why not bring dessert into the bedroom and try feeding one another or licking dessert from one and others bodies as a form of foreplay? Delicious foods such as frozen yogurt or ice cream with warm chocolate sauce or crème brulee and strawberries and whipped cream are some good choices and are ok to indulge in for these special moments.


  • Shut your eyes. Try shutting your eyes and taking some deep breaths so that you can concentrate solely on what you are feeling as your touch receptors elevate.
  • Use soft items such as feathers, fur and your soft fingertips to arouse your partners sense of touch.
  • Experience softness. Dress your bed with velvet or glossy silk sheets. Although not the best idea for sleeping, they can introduce an altogether new element to your lovemaking sessions. A more moderate alternative will be to use sprays that give your sheets a glossy feel to them.

So there you have it, a few ideas for using and exciting all of your 5 senses during your next love making session. Give some of these a try, I know you will love them.

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Love and Hugs xo