Do you know what the Yoni Is and how to give a Yoni massage? In the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown challenged conventional dogma that the “Sacred Feminine” and not “some cup” was the Holy Grail.  The sacred feminine was said in ancient times to be viewed from a perspective of love and respect as the vessel through which new life was created.

I will assume he was referencing the “Sacred Space” or Sacred Temple” the ancient Sanskrit word for which is Yoni.  In more modern times we call it a vagina – the most intimate icon of femininity.

How to give a Yoni massage

I always recommend that the space you are doing the Yoni Massage is properly prepared. Think relaxing, safe and sacred. Fresh bed sheets, candles, essential oils and music are all great ways to create an sacred and intimate atmosphere. As with most things in life, it is more about the journey than the destination.

The receiver should lie on her back, legs comfortably spread with cushions used to keep her knees slightly bent.  This position provides full access to the Yoni.

Eye contact throughout will be the best form of communication.

Relaxation is the key and both giver and receiver should focus on controlled breathing – slow and deep.  The giver should monitor the receiver’s breathing and if it becomes shallow, remind her to focus once more.

Yoni Massage

Warming Her Up

Using a high quality natural oil, gently massage the legs, the thighs, the abdomen and the breasts to assist the receiver to relax and feel comfortable and safe.  It takes 20 minutes to “warm her up” so don’t rush straight to the clit – this is not time for “wham bam thank you ma’am”.  When the time is right, pour a small quantity of the lubricant on the mound of the Yoni and gently massage the mound and the outer lips.  Gently squeeze the outer lips up and down the length of each.  Again slow and gentle- take your time and when the time feels right progress to the inner lips of the Yoni.

Build Arousal

Stroke and circle the clitoris and gently squeeze between the thumb and forefinger.  As arousal builds, focus on relaxed breathing.  Gently and slowly insertion follows with permission.  You will be invited in and only then insert the middle finger of the right hand and gently explore varying speed, depth and direction of movement.  With your palm facing up find a spongy area of tissue behind the clit and tickle in a beckoning movement.  This G-spot stimulation will likely cause intense stimulation.

From here you can build to insert a second finger, use the thumb to concurrently stimulate the clit and you may even try using the little finger to stimulate the anus.

Continue to massage using varying speed, pressure and directions while continuing relaxed breathing and eye contact.

Building Up To Climax

Climax or even an emotional release may follow. In both situations the person massaging must focus on the receiver and take her where she needs to go. It is relatively straightforward at this point to ride the wave to multiple orgasms. If emotional release is experienced, you need to give her the support and comfort to help her through it. Focus on giving and the way forward will be clear.

You will both feel very close at the conclusion of the massage. You can then relax together in the aftermath of a very intimate experience.

A Yoni Massage, it may indeed be the Holy Grail for Women!

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