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Would you like to learn how to be a better lover and have more fulfilling sexual experiences? 

For Women
I offer sessions for those who want to learn about Tantra and Experience more Pleasure. Secret Sessions to Learn more about Sex and Intimacy. Somatic Sex Education and Energy/Bodywork.
For Couples
With the increasing number of couples separating, I have a great passion to offer sessions for couples to Learn Tantra or why not you and your partner have a unique Guidance Session with me.
For Men
I have a website dedicated to helping men with Sexual Issues CLICK HERE

Please contact me and tell me a little about yourself. All discussions and sessions are 100% confidential and discreet.

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Professional Tantra and Sexuality Coaching Services


To make a booking online, You can do so via the appropriate booking form below. Please give me as much detail about yourself as possible before submitting your request for a confidential booking.

Your private information is in safe and professional hands and will never be shared.  My services are 100% discreet, so you never have to worry about your privacy being jeopardized, that is my promise to you.

A discussion is required prior to meeting.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Investing your time effort and energies into your sexuality is important for your health and well-being....YOUR SEX LIFE IS NOT A SEPARATE ASPECT ITS ACTUALLY AN INTEGRAL PART OF YOU AND IT AFFECTS ALL PARTS OF YOUR LIFE  and I absolutely admire those who want to make a difference to improve. 🙂



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