It may be a sad fact of life but relationships end.  It may be through the passing of a loved one, divorce or the break up of a long-term relationship.  While the emotions may be different (denial, anger, grief) and must be faced, at some point will come acceptance and the need to get on with life.

There are however, ways to make the “moving-on” process shorter and much less painful. Talking to friends you trust, a therapist, a life-coach, or joining a support group are great ways to handle your grief and move on from a breakup or loss. Learning to meditate is another great coping device to look into, as it will help you deal with the emotions that arise when dealing with a breakup. Our physical, spiritual and emotional health is connected to our sexual organs.

Over time, neglect, trauma, surgery and emotions can cause blockages and they can occur and getting regular massages can help release toxins and increase blood flow to your sexual organs. I apply pressure to release tension spots or knots that can sometimes be negative emotion or trauma.  This is a very comforting and healing experience –

Part of moving on is to form new relationships.  When you are ready to “get back in the saddle”, two challenges remain.  Meeting the right sort of people (whatever that means for you) and regaining the confidence to get back out there and which makes you attractive and interesting to others.

The right people

As you create your new life consider shifting the balance toward spending more time hanging out with your single friends who understand your new situation better than your married friends. They will help you get over the breakup by teaching you to embrace all the great things that single life has to offer.

If you don’t have single friends, there are numerous websites and blogs that can be great in helping you find fun activities and to create opportunities to meet new people – two key components for getting over a breakup or loss.

Regaining skills and confidence

After relationship breakups, lots of people see themselves as “damaged goods” with less to offer. So before you start dating, ensure you have made the effort to purge these beliefs from your mind (or at least stop buying into them).

Just as you need support to deal with the emotional impact, you may also need support and coaching to rediscover (or learn for the first time) the “how to” of dating.  Your confidence in dating situations has atrophied simply due to lack of use and may need a boost and the greatest boost to confidence comes from knowledge and experience. 

Let’s assume you meet someone and things are going well.  How do you take the relationship to the next level?  You of course want to impress in intimate situations but have your techniques become too comfortable?  Are they exciting enough?  Have you lost your touch?

Who better to coach you in the skills of establishing instant rapport, putting people at ease quickly and to share with you and coach you through the most intimate situations, than someone who has been doing exactly that professionally for 20 years?

During that time I saw clients – but what does that mean?

It means I needed to be able to develop instant rapport with people when I met them, develop trust quickly, be confident and attractive to people so they feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy spending time with me.  And yes, it means I could “crank it up” when the time comes!

Would it give you greater confidence if you knew some of the greatest sexual desires of others and how to please them?

There are so many sex services out there and yet so many people are still so discontented with sex.  My goal is to base my services around erotic intimacy and tantric practices rather than a service based purely on sexual outcomes. I like to help people get the most out of their sexual experience whether they are single or attached. To learn how to get the ultimate pleasure out of their own bodies first.  To find out more please contact me via my website.