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Lady of Pleasure is for men who are wanting Practical Sex Coaching. Let us help you gain more confidence, overcome sexual concerns, and experience an incredible sex life.

We are Rebel and Raven, with a combined 25 years experience in supporting men. Our greatest passionate is helping those whose sex life is suffering. For those of you who were seeking a little intimacy or sexual pleasure and found us via the internet or a Sydney Escort Directory, please note that our services are quite different to an escort.

The sessions we offer are unique, providing the space to explore and learn practical tools and techniques with us. This is Sex Coaching like no other here in Australia: Hands-on Practical Training and Sacred Sex.


  • Are you unhappy with your sex life and crave better connection?
  • Do you want to gain more confidence?
  • Do you want to Last Longer?
  • Do you experience Erection difficulties or have too much mind chatter?

If you can relate to any of these, we can assist you, help transform your sex life and gain more confidence. We will help you discover that you deserve so much more than a mediocre sex life and will help you replace these old routines and habits with new exciting ways that actually work long term.



Our sessions involve some therapy so I can unravel what is going on in your life and work on healing and building confidence. In the first in person session, you have the opportunity to share any sexual concerns that are troubling you and that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with others. This is done in a completely safe and non-judgemental space.

I find that this first session alone can be incredibly healing as it brings on a tremendous amount of relief as it is often the first time that men feel comfortable to talk openly about their sexual challenges.


Coaching programs involve teaching Tantra, Sensual Massage and Energy-Body Work which are all Sacred Sex rituals. These rituals have a key thing in common which is mind and body connection.  The sessions we provide also involve physical touch. The physical sessions are provided to help you heal and overcome your challenges and are provided in a safe space with mutual respect. Please note the services we offer are unique and are different to what you would get with an escort.

Coaching Programsall include introducing clients to the concept of Sacred Sex.


Our professional Sacred Sex Sessions allow you to learn and practice intimate sexual healing through physical contact. Sessions include mutual touch, foreplay techniques, Sensual Massage, Intimacy and Sex.

Over the years we have noticed that men seek out often a quick release of a rub and tug, watching porn or being with an escort to try to satisfy. This whilst enjoyable, momentarily strokes the ego but doesn’t provide them with a long-term solution that they crave. 


Take my free quiz to set up a free and confidential consultation. We look forward to assisting you!


Virtual hugs.  


Brisbane sexual energy

Did you know that PLEASURE in your body creates a cocktail of endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin, which are responsible for making us happy and ecstatic. Why not learn how to access Pleasure in your whole body!

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Sex Coaching New South Wales

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I’m Rebel, I am an expert in my unique field and to learn more about me CLICK HERE


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I’m Rebel and I’ve created the ‘Art of Lady of Pleasure’ training to help men overcome sexual challenges and become the best version of themselves. I offer professional Sex Coaching and Practical Training using a modality of unique techniques designed to create long lasting change in men’s sexual lives.

I have a great passion for this unique type of work and have spent over 20 years exploring intimacy and sex through personal experience, professional training and education. During my journey I have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, from 19 year old’s to 85 year old’s. I strongly believe that anyone can overcome their sexual challenges if they are being guided and provided the right tools and techniques. It’s sensitive and intimate work, which is why it’s so much more effective if you are working with a professional.

After years of disconnecting myself sexually I immersed myself into all things Tantric. Discovering Tantra lead me to learn about Energy and Arousal Energy which was an absolute game changer and totally changed my life.

This profound life change that I experienced is what led me to becoming a full time Sex Therapist. It has become my full-time passion to share these wonderful teachings and techniques to help men overcome their challenges and supercharge their sex life. More often than not, men begin to also experience profound success in other areas of their life when they undertake the ‘Lady of Pleasure Training’ with me.

The ‘Art of Lady of Pleasure’ takes a psychological and physiological approach to sex. I teach how to connect the mind and body I guide men to heal and find peace from past experiences and empower them to embody sexual energy in a way they never thought was possible.

I have developed trainings in the ‘Art of Lady of Pleasure’ to teach men the secrets of experiencing sensual, intimate and ultimately mind-blowing sex. The trainings involve a healthy mix of talking therapy, theory and practical physical sessions. 

At present I am working alongside a beautiful soul in New South Wales and for those of you who wish to journey along with us, you will be firstly assessed by myself and start with some training and then introduced to Raven to gain new insights and confidence.

Raven and I are healers and understand that Sacred Sexuality for Men is so important in this world. Together we guide, teach embodiment and mind/body connection for total transformation so you overcome anxiety and become the best version of yourself.

Reb xo



Raven | Sex Coaching and Practical Training


I am a Sacred Sex Therapist and Lady of Pleasure Coach. I have dedicated my adult life to the study of embodiment, somatic therapy, tantric and conscious sensory awareness practices.

My journey has taken me around the globe to study with masters of the Body-Mind Connection in multiple fields: Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, Intimate Relating, Trauma and Anxiety support, Holistic Wellbeing and Fitness, Mindfulness and Meditation.

I am passionate about supporting men to have a deeply fulfilling and empowered sex life because I know this enhances and improves all areas of life.  I believe it is our birth rite to experience ecstatic states of being in our bodies. Sexual Energy IS Life Force Energy!

I support men to consciously connect their body and mind, to feel and sense their sexual energy from an empowered place. To regain TRUST in their bodies and sexual skills.  I am expert at holding sacred sensual space for men to feel safe to explore and experience practical techniques that support healing their sexual issues.

Whether you have PE, ED, body confidence issues or lack confidence in your lovemaking skills, I will lovingly guide you to connect with your inner masculine power. You will experience greater sexual and sensual pleasure for yourself and your partner.

I am honoured and excited to be working beside beautiful Rebel and sharing the ‘Art of Lady of Pleasure’ together. Rebel’s level of expertise and passionate commitment to supporting men to live their best lives is in perfect alignment with mine.

Rebel will assess your specific needs before we step onto this exciting journey together. We are healers and understand that Sacred Sexuality for Men is so important in this world. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Raven xo

Sex Coaching New South Wales


We offer our Lady of Pleasure sessions in northern New South Wales. We often offer them in the beautiful coastal towns of Kingscliff and Northern New South Wales. These picturesque and laid back locations are the perfect setting to practice our sacred sessions.

We also offer consultations online and Australia wide by request.

Are You Ready to Experience More Pleasure?

When you are ready to book please supply as much information about you as possible. If you have any other questions regarding our services, we'd be happy to hear from you.  

We look forward to being your personal coaches and helping you have more fulfilling experiences. 

Reb & Raven xo